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The Heart of Our Company

KP Event Rentals is a leading and affordable event rental company in New Orleans and surrounding areas. We are a family own and operated business that takes pride in providing an exceptional experience that will create unforgettable memories. We have had the privilege to collaborate and partner with talented clients to create events ranging from high-end weddings to corporate galas throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas. 

The primary key that sets us apart from other event rental companies is that we treat you like family and take great pleasure in providing an experience that will take a piece of the stress out of event planning.

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KP Event Rentals is the best rental company that I have used. My tables and chairs were delivered on time, clean, and in the best condition. The owners are the face of the business and are very friendly, passionate, and professional. Our items were picked up as our event had ended, and my deposit was refunded in a timely manner!

I highly recommend the Ketchens family (KP event rentals) for all my rental needs and your rental needs.

The Johnsons

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We provide multiple canopies and backdrops to suit any event.

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We provide different shapes, colors, and size throne chairs that will demand attention at any event.

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We have many varieties of specialty tables that are a show-stopper.


We provide specialty tables from letters, numbers, and ghost tables that will set your seating area apart from the rest of the event venue.

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